Backpacking through Koh Samui

We get a lot of backpackers herein Koh Samui each year. Most of them come to the island from Thailand or surrounding parts of Southeast Asia, and they have usually been backpacking for a while before they come visit us.


We urge anyone doing this to just take a little while here and relax and get to know the place a bit. There’s plenty to see and do here, and you can easily get to the island by ferry, if you arelooking for an inexpensive way to travel. The ferries travel regularly from the mainland to our little island, so you should not have to wait very long for a ride.


Most of the people who come backpacking through koh samui villas don’t have long to stay there. In general, they only stay for a day or two. In that time, though, there is plenty to see and do. We recommend a stay at one of our villas to get a good view of the sea each morning and to have plenty of room to move about and hang with your backpacking friends.


We’d recommend a trip to the Big Buddha temple or the Wat Plai Laem to take in the history and then make a stop at one of the nighttime markets in the shopping districts to experience a shopping trip you can only get in Koh Samui. However long you get to stay here, we can help you make the most of it.